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For the past 13 years, Admas Pee is a self-taught sales and marketing guy. At the age of 23, he co-founded his first company and grew the business from zero to USD 60 million in sales in the space of 2 years and expanded across 33 countries, including South-East Asia.

In 2014, he also co-founded Malaysia 1st racing team in representing Malaysia to compete in the Asia GT3 series.

Since 2015, he has been providing advisory work serving local SMEs, including global companies on branding, marketing, and sales. Currently, he is also running his training academy for business owners and entrepreneurs, focusing on how to build, market their brand, and grow their business.

With his signature program, the Marketing Acceleration Program (MAP) is designed to assist and provide a step-by-step guide to business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve business breakthroughs.

Admas also received his training and mentorship from world-renowned coaches, with one of his mentor, Blair Singer, World #1 Sales Coach, the founder of Blair Singer Training Academy™, also the advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”

Here's what the Top Industry Leaders are saying...

Andrew Tan

Venture Capitalist | Serial Entrepreneur

Admas is one of our Andrew Tan Advisory Team. He is an all rounded online marketing strategist that deliver his content with proven results and strategy. Systematic Approach and Step by Step guide allow every participant to be able to understand thoroughly about branding, marketing and eventually convert the lead into sales. One of a must attend workshop for any entrepreneur who are venturing into O2O business.

Edmund Koh

SME Corporate Banking & Finance

A good mentor who willing to share skills, expertise, and knowledge. An in-depth analysis of the strategic planning that suits every person in the business to grow the business and to overcome the problems; 9 pillars of the matrix, which are the most valuable and useful tools that inspired me.

Dr. LC Chow

Corporate Accounting & Taxation

My highest appreciation in receiving guidance from Sifu Admas Pee to running my digital marketing successfully. With only hours of guidance, he has shown me a proven and workable strategies. Appreciate his kindness and truly thank you.

Join Our Affiliate Community

Your Passive Income Builder